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HI, I'M JEM...

I'm a mediator and coach, a facilitator, and a psychotherapist in training.

My first career was in languages – Russian, French, and Czech. In search of greater meaning, I left that behind in 2013 and hitchhiked some 25,000 miles across Europe, Africa and Asia on my own.


I came to a halt in 2016 in Bristol and trained in Mediation and then in Non-Violent Communication and began to practice as a volunteer mediator for Resolve West working on a range of cases within the community. In 2017 I trained in the Restorative Circles Approach with Belinda Hopkins and started to apply it within activist groups including XR. From 2019 onwards I have held my own private practice offering conflict resolution within inter-personal and professional contexts.


I wanted a way to go deeper with people, and to engage with some of the root causes of the conflicts I was meeting as a mediator. To this end I trained in 2020 as a coach with MOE Foundation and studied a foundation at BCPC (Bath Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I'm now enrolled at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology training as a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist.


I bring a strong empathic presence to all of the work that I do. This is supported by my own journey with meditation and personal therapy. I had chronic back pain for ten years which I eventually resolved through somatic meditation. The process of bringing my own inner workings to my conscious awareness has been hugely formative for me.


In my spare time, I produce community events with my mobile sauna and play music with friends. I love dancing and nature.

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